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Welcome to Sabari Logistics

STS Group of companies formulated in the year 2015, with objective to serve in all spectrums, services in logistics domain. As an Innate, Saban Logistics Solutions formulated in 2015 as a propretorshp company as Mr. S.P. SabariPramnth S/o. Mr. V.S. Padmakumar as a proprietor. for warehousing service and obtain Customs bonded license for 41250 Sq.ft and General warehouse Marty wrth 75000 Sq.ft. In 2016, further 22000 Sq Ft added as a general warehouse Malay. In 2015, have incorporated a company Saban WarehouPng Private Limited. in 2018 operational activities started with 35000 So.Ft bonded space anc1(6000 Sq., General Warehouse. • Founder Mr. V.S. Padmakumar, expertise in logistics industry, particularly in CFS for more than 3/year,, work. with CWCL, CWC (NS) LTD., Thiru rani Logistics Prorate Limit. in CFS domain, Liners like 00CL / WW Shipping. • Director Mr. S.P. Saban Pramnth, young entrepreneur vdth engineering graduation, additional management

customs public bonded space dedicated space on monthly rental
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Dedicated well trained manpower. Bulk handling facility like re-bagging, standardization.
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“ We are much satisfy with their security aspects and the strategic location of the warehouse for easy access”
Mr. Suresh Kumar

Mr. Suresh Kumar

Senior Manager,Bosco Logisitcs

“ I choose Sabari Logistics for their cost, service and easy accessibility to the top management”
Martina Cliton

Martina Cliton

Manager BD - South, Adani Logistics Limited